Tension and Compression, Pancake Style Load Cell - MST04 Type

Tension and Compression, Pancake Style Load Cell - MST04 Type


Test machines, calibration of test machines both in tension and compression, load measurement for process control, measuring the load applied in presses. 

Design Features

The standard design incorporates a pancake style compression load cell which can be easily adapted for measuring tension forces by fitting the mounting plate. A pair of platens using spherical seating to ensure accurate measurement of miss-aligned loads in compression.


These load cells can be supplied with a factory works calibration certificate traceable to national standards or a UKAS/NPL calibration certificate. They can also be supplied tested and ready for calibration by the customers preferred test laboratory.


Cable socket and plug
Platens with spherical seat for compression
Mounting plate for tension
Rod eye bearings for tension

Technical Specification

Rated output 2.0mV/V nominal
Linearity ± 0.05% of rated output
Non repeatability ± 0.05% of rated output
Zero Return (30min) ± 0.05% of applied load
Zero balance ± 1% of rated output
Operating temperature -10°C - +70°C
Compensated temp’ -10°C - +40°C
Temp’ effect on output ± 0.024% of applied load/°C
Temp’ effect on zero ± 0.028% of rated output/°C
Safe overload 150% of rated capacity
Ultimate overload 300% or rated capacity
Excitation 10V -18 V, AC or DC
Input impedance 800 Ω nominal 430 Ω nominal
Output impedance 705 Ω nominal 352 Ω nominal
Insulation resistance >5 GΩ at 50 V DC
Construction Stainless steel
Environmental IP67
Cable (standard) 4 core screened