Profometer 650 AI

Profometer 650 AI
Profometer 650 AI
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Advanced cover meter based on the new generation Profometer touchscreen with universal probe and scan cart. Enhanced correction factor for maximum cover accuracy on congested rebar arrangements. Dedicated functionalities for mapping concrete cover and for reporting one layer rebar arrangements. 

Highest cover measurement accuracy ever through Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature with Full 2D rebar visualization with detailed cover, rebar size and spacing data for fast reporting.  The Profometer 650 AI is a scalable solution with upgrade possibilities to the Profometer Corrosion


Technical Specification

Cover Measuring Range - Up to 185 mm

Path Measuring Accuracy On Smooth Surface -  0.5 to 1.0 % of measured length

Cover Measuring Accuracy - ± 1 to 4 mm, depending on cover

Diameter Measuring Range - Up to 63 mm

Diameter Measuring Accuracy- ± 1 rebar size