Protimeter Hygromaster with Hygrostick

Protimeter Hygromaster with Hygrostick

The Protimeter Hygromaster is a hand-held instrument for taking spot measurements, logging humidity and temperature values. Quick spot measurements of relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio and ambient temperature are shown on a split display at the touch of a button.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital hygrometer
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Detachable sensor - measure the ERH value of walls and floors
  • Relative humidity %RH
  • Air temperature
  • Dew point temperature
  • Mixing ratio/absolute humidity/grains per pound
  • Surface temperature
  • Surface proximity to dew point
  • Investigating dew point or condensation conditions
  • HygroStick or Quickstick options
Technical Specification

Moisture Measurement Range

- Pin measurement                             8% to 99% WME

- Non-invasive                                     0 - 1000 REL (relative)

Depth of Measurement

Pin                                                       up to 12.7 mm

Non-invasive                                       up to 19 mm

Hygrostick                                           30% to 40% RH, (±3% RH)
                                                             41% to 99% RH, (±1.5% RH)

Range                                                  32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Data Storage                                       Store up to 1,000 results with date and time stamp from all instrument functions

Display                                                 Large LCD

Power                                                  2 x AA (included)

Weight                                                  300g

Dimensions (mm)                               180 x 70 x 49