Air Entrainment Meter - Test volume: 8 litre

Air Entrainment Meter

Air entrainment meter for freshly mixed concrete, with manually operated pump. This meter measures the air void content in fresh concrete and directly shows this content on a pressure gauge in percent.

    Testing Capacity - 8 litres

    The equipment operates according to the pressure equalisation method. The test equipment has a pressure chamber, in which a defined pressure is generated. By opening an overflow valve, the pressure in the chamber is equalised with the pressure in the sample container, which is filled with concrete. The pressure drop is a measurement of the air content in the concrete. The pressure gauge is accuracy class 1.0 and is very clearly arranged.Direct reading in percentage

      EN 12350-7, ASTM C231, BS 1881, GOST 10181 a

      Technical Specification

      The line scape of the pressure gauge for the 8 L equipment is graduated as follows:

      0 - 8 % by vol. 0.1 % vol. per scale division

      8 - 15 % by vol. 0.5 % vol. per scale division

      15 - 20 % by vol. 1.0 % vol. per scale division

      20 - 50 % by vol. 5.0 % vol. per scale division

      50 - 100 % by vol. without graduation