Diaphragm Compression Load Cell - CS Type

Diaphragm Compression Load Cell - CS Type

Capacity Ranges:

  • 1kN
  • 2.5kN
  • 5kN
  • 7.5k
  • 10kN
  • 20kN
  • 30kN
  • 50kN
  • 75kN
  • 100kN
  • 200kN
  • 300kN
  • 500kN
  • 750kN
  • 1000kN
  • 1500kN
  • 2000kN


Test machines, calibration of compression test machines, load measurement for process control, restricted height applications, measuring the load applied in presses.

Design Features

The standard design incorporates a pancake style compression load cell which can be adapted for measuring structures using a suitable mounting plate. A platen using spherical seating to ensure accurate measurement of miss-aligned loads in compression.


These load cells can be supplied with a Macklow-Smith works calibration certificate traceable to national standards or a UKAS calibration certificate. They can also be supplied tested and ready for calibration by the customers preferred test laboratory.


  • Cable socket and plug connections
  • Platens with spherical seat
  • Mounting plates
Technical Specification

Rated output 2.0mV/V nominal
Linearity ± 0.05% of rated output
Non repeatability ± 0.05% of rated output
Zero Return (30min) ± 0.025% of applied load
Zero balance ± 1% of rated output
Operating temperature -20°C - +70°C
Compensated temp’ -10°C - +40°C
Temp’ effect on output ± 0.0015% of applied load/°C
Temp’ effect on zero ± 0.0015% of rated output/°C
Safe overload 150% of rated capacity
Ultimate overload 300% or rated capacity
Excitation 10V -18V, AC or DC
Input impedance 700 Ω nominal
Output impedance 705 Ω nominal
Insulation resistance >5 GΩ at 50 V DC
Construction Stainless steel
Environmental IP67
Cable (standard) 4 core screened