Crack Detection Microscope

Crack Detection Microscope

Precision hand-made product, used for detecting and measuring the width of minuscule cracks in concrete and made in the UK.

  • This high definition microscope is further enhanced by having its own adjustable light source for darkened conditions.

  • The image is focused by turning a knurled knob on the side of the instrument, and the eyepiece scale can be rotated through 360 degrees to align with the direction of the crack, pitch, etc, under examination.

  • The 4mm width of measurement has a lower scale, divided into 0.2mm divisions, which are subdivided into 0.02mm divisions

  • Optical magnification 40X

  • Current codes of practice, state that calculated maximum crack widths should not exceed certain values. BS 8110: Part 2 for concrete permits a crack width of 0.3mm which is 15 divisions on the scale for most types of environment.

  • Comes complete in its own sturdy wooden pocket size case.

  • Ease of use, strong construction and compact size just 130mm in height makes this instrument ideally suited for harsh environments.