Compression testing machines 1300 kN - 5000 kN

Compression testing machines

Compression testing machines, four columns prestressed frame for production routine tests.

STANDARDS: ASTM C39 / BS 1610 / NF P18-411 / UNE 83304 / AASHTO T22 / UNI 6686 part 1 and 2

Technical features:

  • Compression platens are hardened over 55 HRC and rectified.
  • Device to check piston’s excursion during test.
  • The columns are prestressed to provide a very high rigidity.
  • Piston having 50 mm stroke and cylinder are coupled with high quality packing set.
  • The tank is foreseen of oil level and oil discharge.
  • Dial speed selector to visualize, pre-select and control the oil flow.
  • Power pump is multipiston assuring continuity of delivery.
  • Fast approach ram device to avoid dead times.
  • Ball seating is accurately machined.

Available in the following capacities:

  • 1300 kN
  • 1500 kN
  • 2000 kN
  • 2000 kN BLOCKS
  • 3000 kN
  • 3000 kN BLOCKS
  • 5000 kN

With motorised or hand operated models.

The available load measuring options are:

  • Bourdon type gauges,
  • “DIGITEC” or “CYBER-PLUS” electronic digital display units
  • “AUTOTEC” or “SERVO-PLUS EVOLUTION” automatic servo-controlled automatic systems

Get in touch and let us know your requirements and we can tailor a quote to your specific requirements.